...From the belly of San Francisco, deep within the 'New Society' where everyone is 'equal' came the percussion heavy Santana band filling the air with conga-riffic jams of sky reaching intensity, keyboards slamming out monumental Hammond vibes with the guitar sending mystic strings to capture the hippies in a psychedelic boogaloon...the early Santana noise was a melting down of Latin musics into one acid washed frying pan of blues wailing funk, high stepping in the back room of mainstream culture where only the initiated will find themselves.
...To be digging this band in the late 60s Ameikkkan environment was to be standing in the ancient future, where time opens out into infinity, there is no longer any feelings of 'then or when' for 'everything is everything' in the ever present NOW, an ongoing Afreekadelia of the mind.
...The percussionation continuously sends barbs of organic electricity into the marijuana haze of the Fillmore auditorium to zap the draft dodging hippies and bay area greasers with the secrets of fried neck bones and freedom, the freedom to lay in the funk and soak up the cosmic slop to invigorate the soul.
...And so it was back in December 1968 when this show was taped with ideas of it supplying tunes their first long playing release, surely a good thinking move to have the band recorded live, in the flux of the action but it was vetoed in favour of some other recordings not yet known...

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