It's always a good idea to get in the breeze on a sunny afternoon and journey the mental highways to Point Reyes Station to fire up a 'fat one' and blur space and time with the stereo record player for a couple of elongated hours, hours spent in the company of the first two Youngbloods albums, with added niceness from a gig at the Avalon relayed over the trusty FM waves of Hippyville with a rounding up from 'Rock Festival'. Can't be beat.

Jazzbo hep country folkniks with a medicated rock'n'roll brew kicking the gong around for a few years bringing arcane vibes into the Vietnam fearing hippie conciousness to perculate and levitate the heads on the way to better tomorrow.


  1. Come on people now, smile on your brother...


  2. topic me...but yr long ago posts of JH this flyer have, alas, died, and in my journey to inform youngerer ears, I wanna point em at it...any chance?

  3. I'm still around, been looking for something interesting to post, also rapidshare account running out and i'm not getting another as they are just the worst crooks going, right thieving robbers.