richard brautigan

...digging RB is a high flying buzz, chillin and grooving with cool abandon,a total trip...richard was a left field beatnik caught up in the hippy scene when he came to prominence in the late 60's world-wide underground market place when publishing houses were trying to GET HIP with the youth that was sprouting literary pretentions...even the FAB4 knew richard was a cool daddio and tried to get him out to the public via their zapple imprint for spoken word, there was going be some kind of series of beat visionaries all reading their work and skitting, but as with other HOTcha ideas emmanating from FAB HQ it came to nought in the 'real world'...brautigan had been writing his grooved out stories of weirdsville for many moons, the bubbly reclining stance of his writing takes a cat to an arcane/unseen world vista, there's an olde rustic charm mixing with a commune hippy scene, nothing defined, just an imagining, a calm encroachment into a hearsay world, all that is known is transmitted via gentle rythym, moving along with sweet eloquence, a fluidity in the mythical stream that once was held in the eye of the denizens of camelot...listening to richard is slipping through the keyhole of the ancient gates of the sacred city of righteous any cat who leaves his telephone number on the front cover has to be some kind of honest head who has belief in humanity...(the wax has a couple of crunches on it that dont take away the enjoyment once it's gotten used to)...


  1. can't seem to read these days-great to listen to this-can still remember that chapter from trout fishing,very evocative.

  2. read along with richard, that may unblock the reading lobes, good luck...

  3. Oh ho! Can't wait to hear this. Mr. Brautigan has been a favorite sine a very weird man turned me on to him in college.

    His suicide broke my heart.