...conceived in the height of 'rollermania' slik came on like the bay city ones elder, more intelligent siblings with their rehashed roller numbers, this was grandiose rollerism, a more eloquent reading of teen dramas than the bcr could ever manage in a million years...glam beats underpin the cathedral expansive nothingness that is their trademark early on (at least on the hit singles) whereas later they grab some early mainstream disco thud to try to propel their tuneage...some funky licks crop up to give the pop rock a certain grittiness, an urban ricochet rebounding across the stereo landscape...
...not all the tracks make it, some are just too boring to even make a non-impression, they are just not there, but there is surprisingly more substance (on a purely manufactured way) on this 22 track enterprise than would have been thought possible, and it is not in any way shape or form an ironic listen, this is straight up grand scale pop on a budget cloaked in a glam sheen shining in a sea of mediocrity...benefits from being played at a high volume for maximum impact...


  1. N also benefits from having a squeaky young Midge Ure son to be of Ultravox, Band Aid etc on vox.
    Nice post.

  2. was trying to avoid the ure word but now you mention it...