johns children

...what can one say about johns children this late in the day when its all been said and done a hundred times before, all the words and verbiage about their one and only long player ruined by live audience over dubs supposedly to hide the fact that the children could not work their instruments in the fashion likely to be called adequate...the fact that all their records are cut ups and juxtaposition of sound carried out by their manager as a commercialy viable pop art statement is somehow overlooked by critics and snobs in the unsavoury rush to dismiss the group as nothing more than chancers but it is the very fact they were chancers in a chancy game and managed to make it viable for a couple of years (with manager cash) is a testament of rock'n'roll as good and needed as any all out rocking...they got thrown off a tour in germany by the who management owing to the serious popart fact they out did the who with the stage outrage they caused, their own brand of artistic mayhem and destruction causing the pop art modsters to feel uncomfortable with possible heavy competition opening each nights performance with sonic disturbance and ultra-violence from beginning until the tattered ruined end...johns children also had a club on the coast (paid for by their manager who mainly stayed in london) for the band to run wild in and try to come up with other gimmicks and films to sell their freak beat tuneage so it was business as usual in the willful paint splattered lives of the MOD4...while marc bolan was with them he turned in some great lyrics that the others thought brought the right atmosphere to their crazed amphetamine noise but marc did not quite have the right amount of physical stamina to keep up with the active 24 hour jagged time lapse that was the daily norm within the children universe so his stay was limited but profitable for all concerned in one way or another...johns children should not be looked at as a footnote in the bolan story, the other way round should be considered, that marc had the luck / foresight to hook up with such HEP technicians of rocking sound...


  1. Hi am I totally stupid, can I download these albums? Where's the link?


  2. run the cursor along the last line of the write up and you'll find what you desire...