swinging london

...was there ever a record company like saga records, a blatant cheapo cash-in operation who inadvertently put out some stonking real people (studio cats and lounge grafters) creations...whether it be exploito psychedelic bashing like five day straw people and magic mixture or jazz pop rock like dave moses and graham walker the grooves are never less than full on, a heavy ride to the other side of tomorrow...the recording studio was a basement and the production duties went to the office wino who moved whatever knob came within eyesight...swinging london for young marrieds on a budget, a further out proposition than anyone realised, there ain't a bad cut on the whole compilation, something of an acheivement that must be noted for use by civilization yet unborn...


  1. whos playin? in the track list?
    is this a record original?
    so,please gime some info
    thnx for your good work!

  2. 1. Swinging London - First Impression
    2. Five Day Week Straw People - Five Day Week Straw People
    3. I'm So Sad - Magic Mixture
    4. There Ain't No se In Hanging On - Katch 22
    5. That's The Life - Good Earth
    6. Girl I'm Wondering - Blackbirds
    7. Quite Fast - Moses, Dave Group
    8. Young Scene - Walker, Graham Sound
    9. Thoughts On A Rainy Day - Katch 22
    10. New Man - Magic Mixture
    11. Arcipelago - Underground (2)
    12. Couldn't Bear The Sight - Peace, Dave Quartet
    13. She - Blackbirds
    14. If This Is Love - Five's Company
    15. Someone Is Calling Your Name - Family Affair (1)
    16. All Lead Back To You - First Impression
    17. Long Voyage - Herbie & The Royalists
    18. Don't Listen - Katch 22
    19. Mr Bantam's Fair - Linda & Noel
    20. Crossroads - Walker, Graham Sound
    21. Scheherazade - New World
    22. My Life Has Just Blown A Fuse - Herbie & The Royalists
    23. Shake 26 - Underground Set
    24. Sunday Morning - Five Day Week Straw People
    25. Moonbeams - Magic Mixture
    26. Victoria Dines Alone - Campbell, Alex

  3. i think the last cut is missing actually! thanks for these great posts...i love this stuff

  4. alex musta fallen off the wagon so victoria did dine alone...

  5. yea always remember the 1st sandy denny album i got was on saga