...rock'n'roll, both underground and mainstream have been plagued with accusations of artists not being real, that they are fake and don't mean what their art supposedly says, they are only in it for the money, their heart and soul belong to the bank manager (or crack dealer)...some 'rockers' are accused of being puppets working for a record company, their sole purpose is to separate the mugs from their cash. nothing more, nothing less...pop, again mainstream and 'alternate' is rife with complaints from naysayers and snobs that certain singers and groups are not the authentic article, just manipulated entities owing allegiance to hopeful svengalis and not the fans...we're not talking about obvious 'cash in' discs that cheap labels throw out to capitalise on a trend or the old 'can you tell the difference' from this record and the original artist version (of course we can), we're talking about artists who become the trend for one reason or another...the sex pistols were immediately accused by the older hippy burnout generation of being fake, they could not play and were just being obnoxious for the publicity that could generate...after the pistols proved they could play well enough to make a kind of tuneful attacking noise it was the turn of others to suffer from pomposity's thrown their way, the damned suddenly were now the 'fakes' ripping off the pistols and so it goes on and on...further back was the monkees who actually were put together to capitalise on the fact the fab4 were no longer touring and moving away from teeny audiences, the monkees were created to tour the country via the TV set, coming to town once a week in a cathode ray tube...the monkees were hyper real in their 'fakeness' and soon gave teenage amerikkka a reason to live, to dig the monkees and all they stand for, living rent free and grooving through the day in the monkee-mobile getting wigged with 'wild adventures', more far out than the velvets sitting in hick town NYC being mopey and miserable, the monkees were tearing up the TV with the certainties that they were right and the squares were wrong (dig the monkees head movie or 33 1/3 TV special plus any number of shows where the amerikkkan way in soundly squashed into the ground, not bad for a long haired weirdo as mickey once remarked to the watching millions)...back in 1994 shampoo soon got accused of being pop bimbos just ripping off the latest trend which was the 'riot grrrl' version energy pop punk (pop punk?real or fake?) but just one listen to the lyrics and we soon find urban poetry detailing the lives of teenagers from estates both prole and the more 'refined' middle class enclaves from the provinces...set to machined aged computer rock rhythms shampoo discuss being drunk in unfamiliar parts of town, shoplifting as a way of life, parental (non)control and other such real life anxieties as make up problems and no spending money...all done with great humour and satire shampoo ridicule the hypocrisy rife in society (at least the society they know about) and this leads to the question - is this real or is it fake, what's the difference in art if fake is of a higher standard than real and real is just a distortion that exists to justify a certain perspective held by certain parties at specific times in the societal continuum, shampoo rustle up a picture of existence that quite a few can identify with...

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