lady gaga

...lady g. has on the face of things got to be the culmination of the last forty years of pop, a modern ziggy stardust in hyper reality pulling from the past such grooves as bubble gum cheekiness, up front and roaring glam glare, synth pop and euro disco in a darkwave shimmer plus electro filtered piano pop with excellent song writing, it's the campness of jobraith caught in the dazzle of the universal mirror ball of the partisan discotheque, you either love/hate her or ignore with intencity, it matters not to the gaga one, it's all grist to her fun fare mill...other bowie showbiz shenanigans crop up with her mutated 'aladdin sane' flash morphing her into 'a lady sane' in an insane world, twisting perceptible reality into a 'touchable' unreality, a mime theatre with sound (the moderne appproach appropriate to the 21st century attention span and understanding), a kim fowley hollywood dream sequence set on the world stage through a camera lens as a never ending performance art piece, with or without a script saying, via the first album cover 'i'm not here' ala zimmerman back in the day (also dig the magical alignment of the aleister crowley angular shape of the fame monster cover)...the square press love the seemingly infinite mileage they can get with juxtaposing her name with any other word in the dictionary, the latest being 'hermaphrodite' since everyone who does not matter now knows she's not a man as earlier 'rumours' were supposing (amanda lear all over again)...all of this would not mean much if the music was not up to standard in a pop sense at least but the truth is this goes way beyond the necessary call of duty in the pop hemisphere, colliding riffs and hooks to create instantly memorable intelligent but not condescending sky ripping bubble pop with muscle, working on more than one level with ample bundles of cutting humour laced throughout the framework of three minute tunes...samples and beats from the last four decades are given the gaga seal of approval and sent back onto the airwaves for a fresh outing and they've not sounded this fresh for many a moon (bonus points can be earned by spotting 'give peace a chance' rearing up for another go round)...worthwhile and then some, recommended for any one with a pop head and a fancy for the more rarified electric gum that don't lose its flavour overnight...

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