paris, banksy, dangermouse

...a few years back the celebrated miss hilton put out a dance pop album that drew media attention from all comers for all of five minutes, everyone getting in some frenzied accusations about the tunes not being so good, miss hilton not being an accomplished singer, it was seen as a vanity release by an air headed rich girl who had nothing to contribute to modern society that could be considered help promote her disc art prankster and philosopher banksy, along with studio boffin dangermouse constructed a tribute album to miss hilton consisting of a repeated techno guitar sound riff with cut up comments from la hilton liberally thrown around with punctuation inserts of paris' 'that's hot' catchphrase...a limited run of five hundred copies were surreptitiously placed in the would be relevant racks of two UK chain stores (HMV / virgin) and a small commotion was stirred up in the press, both mainstream haddock and 'trendy' dimwits, (we all know the relevant readership, square and squarer), when the offending discs were discovered by an irate paris fan and the alert was raised with the discs being taken away for forensic investigation to find the perpetrators of such an does not take the astute listener long to deduce that the soundbites coming from the mouth of miss hilton are fairly on the mark for twenty first century thinking rich people, nothing actually new comes to light through this art statement except the reversal of roles within the entertainment industry, the 'alternative' camp riding on the coat tails of the rich (not that banksy and dangermouse are skint proles on their uppers)...complimenting as it does the original hilton release it actually is not as good as the paris disc which is itself a nice slice of electro bubble pop, harmless fun for kids, that's hot...


  1. ...have to say i enjoy your commentary on the recordings at least as much if not more so than the recordings themselves it's like you're channelling the lizards of th' Bode' hisself...

  2. goddamm.........finally someone says somethin just normal about paris h...whew, that's refreshing!