zulu nation 6th anniversary

...the bronx erupts with good natured turbo boasting and flipping the bird to the uptight adult world of workaday squares and welfare haddock, this is the zulu nations 6th anniversary blowout with cosmic force, jazzy 5 mcs and soul sonic with bam at the controls, throwing down the joints for the gathered teens who groove on the sounds and generally dig the scene....it's 1981 and the river center plays host to this occasion and all guns have been left at home and the scent of cheba thickly hangs in the air boosting the good vibes and spreading 'the word' for all to go with the flow...shout outs and choatic moments along with the breaks are captured live and direct on cheap ten cent tapes and make for exciting listening with the whole evening telescoping into some 90 minutes of bragadocious turntable manipulation mayhem...this is rough and ready cut ups of tripping in the midnight hour, all the home boys and fly girls having a buzz as the mcs chat and chitter rocking the mic while the wheels of steel turn ever onward, rewinding and bouncing the grooves into the night, the joint is rocking and sure shocking...this is far removed from the sterile world of todays 'live' entertainment of preplanned tapes and miming, this is kids doing it for themselves before the sharks move in and clean up the excess, so without futher ado, everyone throw their hands in the air and rock like you just don't care...

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