Justified Ancients of Mu Mu

...right from the start, in fact way, way before the J.A.Ms got their beatbox groove on everyone wanted a piece of 'King Boy D' and 'Rockman Rock', two abstract thinkers lost in the rock'n'roll vibe looking for a way out of the torpid stupor that was the mid eighties...it all began over a thousand years ago when the peace loving denizens of 'Mu Mu Land' foresaw their own extinction and started to send out mind waves that were so intense in their force they sailed through the known physical laws of earth science, enduring through a millennium of time and were picked up by two scallies who proceeded to put into action the ancients ideas of disruptive harmony, to throw the karma in the air and mess with the squares to bring about a time for love...kicking off their campaign for some common sense to prevail in the world run by bean counting scum, 'king boy' and 'rockman' decided to form a band that did not exist and to play instruments that were not their own, but were instruments of re-construction of the past times, colloquially known as samplers with an all prevailing beat supplied by a machine known as a 'roland 808', a filtered robotic drummer that did not drink and could pound the groove all night, the 808 could ride the midnight train to endsville without derailing at the first tempo change, with out losing 'it' in drink fuelled pandemonium...their first surrey into right thinking mode came with a one sided disc called 'all you need is love' which would expose the media hypocrisy over the aids epidemic that was causing some distress for more than a few harried cultural experimenters and 'normal' citizens alike...starting with the FAB4 tune of the same name followed by the MC5s plead to 'kick out the jams' the 'Justified Ancients of Mu Mu' collided gay disco torch and hetero phantasy object singer Sam Fox with 700 hundred year plague chanting interspersed with the self referential and reverential shouts of 'justified' all rolling on the 808 beat blasts and swirling acid flurries...it's right at this moment that the outside forces of accountancy fraudsters saw their chance to get some publicity for the beatles catalogue reissue on the new compact disc form with a forcible writ demanding the J.A.Ms destroy their work as it somehow belonged to others (the first few seconds of the world peace anthem from the fabs was sacrosanct and not for consumption until it had been paid for)...the J.A.Ms took some pity on the FAB4 plight with poverty and caused a media fuss so everyone could hear the name Beatles one more time and its here that everything blew up with all sorts of busy bodies getting in the mix from ABBA to Whitney to police force haddock all wanting some publicity for their cause (actually its unfair to lump Whitney with the others but more on that later)...on the first long play album titled after the year 1987 'rock and d' vainly tried to disrupt the karmic harm done by EMI accounting meanies by giving Scandinavian popsters Abba some street cred and use one of their songs for effect but Abba saw things differently, credibility did not pay the bills and they took the ugly root of lawyers and unreasonable demands to have the disc destroyed...Rockman and King went off to see the ungalant Swedes in an effort to enlighten them to the times in which real people lived but the northern ones could not bring themselves to grant an audience to two fans from across the seas who only wanted to help fellow musicians and kept to their lofty demands of disc destruction and nothing less would do...so it was the J.A.Ms destroyed the remaining copies and released a version with the offending tunes plus sundry others (BBC pop coundown) ommitted leaving gaps in the sound lasting up to about 13 minutes all told showing how the capitalist condition of consumerism was run by dark forces from behind the leather topped desk of mesmerism razing all that does not conform...a third go at acting as street level saviours came when Rockman and D sought to save Whitney Houston from a life of drug addiction by getting her to join the J.A.Ms and smoke only weed and drink some beer, to keep away from designer narcotic haze and live life as the ancient muians would wish though to Whitneys misfortune she somehow missed the opportunity offered to ride the 808 to tranceville and dance the ancient dance...others that have unwittingly helped the J.A.Ms cause of saving mankind from credit card oblivion have been Petula Clark/shaft/ Schooly D/Dr.Who/Shangri Las/Hendrix/Led Zep/Monkees/Pistols/Dave Brubeck/Gary Glitter and others who have been more gracious and forth coming with their time, most famously country diva Tammy Wynette who had no hesitation to stand by the J.A.Ms...when D and Rock were not cruising in their polite force JAMmobile they constructed a second LP self mockingly called 'who killed the jams', a half hour tour of rocking exotic house blasts, more coherent than the first but not as disorientatingly engaging, more transitional from serious art prankster to 'political pop hedonism', talking straight talk riddles for all who would and could listen...also on offer here is the incredible double disc boot 'stand by the J.A.Ms', a fantastic trawl through the Kingboy and Rocks oeuvres as both Jamsters and Kopyright Liberation Front spokesmen starting quite rightly with the disruptive first 12inch white label and ending in the chill out zone staring down the wide eyed ones, over two and half hours of mind numbing honesty within a frame work of existential pan globic bliss showing it's still time for love...one thing that does become clear sitting through these trips is the undeniable fact the J.A.Ms create an all encompassing tribal feel with their junk yard of audio audacity that sucks the listener in so deep its hard to beleive the outside world ever existed a few hours before the take off to other dimensions...all these discs are whole heartedly recommended, they still pack the punch as they first intended, listen now and by internally mended, nicely nice...


  1. they're ancient, they're justified, what else do we need to know? Only the true price of a 99 cone and the colour of their van.

    many thanks old friend


  2. indeed, two vital questions in which the future may lie, one never knows the full picture regardless of how much digging we do...