performance soundtrack

...through his work with the stones jack nitzsche scored the gig of knocking out the soundtrack to this messed up flipped out gangster movie, one of the greatest films from the fried brain hippy years, the time when it was all up for grabs if a cat knew how get a handle on the society heirachy, the socially turned on who like to throw the bread around for the hustler / hipster /beatnik...jack proceeded to grab a couple of his compardres, laurel canyon cats, ry cooder and randy newman, with whom he formulated a magnificent hippy voodoo funked-out version of amerikkka (and by extension the rest of the planet in that year of strifed vibes nineteen and sixty eight)...lonesome slide (ry) and mouthbow courtesy of buffy st.marie supply vibes from older weirder days and give off unreal and temporal distorted waves which is what's happening in powis sq. from the flick in question...mick jagger is the cat whose house is constructed of drugged worlds within worlds and the rage of the outside uptight world permeates through the james fox character, the ganster on the run from east end villians (the type of cat that ain't easily amused) and via the music...(one of those small lateral asides coming now; what's up with this legend/myth that's been going around for decades that jagger attended the london grosvenor square demonstration outside the amerikkkan embassy, threw a stone at the pigs and run away, what's the deal with this)...though the flick is taking place in old london towne and the soundtrack was put together in L.A there is no discordancies, the discrepancies of cultures (waining swinging versus (hip)capitalist) are not so evident as the hep world is known by the vibe rather than the material...

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