...politically charged right on funked out horn rock was the order of the day from these super-bad brothers on their one and only platter released in '72 on the small but incredible 'today' label out from guitar and organ swells move in and around these heavy tales of modern urban life that proved too much for the intended audience and they had to call it a day under this name...this is a disk that shouts out the righteous anger from the inner cities, the cities left to rot in decay while the citizens rot with despair and skag in a media blitzed ghetto of unwelcoming projects and condemned cold water tenements, with propaganda flowing in from the idiot box whole sole purpose is to encourage shopping for obselence and useless medicine...anger from the vietnam vet who came 'back to the world' to find the war still waging, only now it was in the streets of his 'home' town, a war waged by an unseen force controlling the very fabric of seventies society, a drugged landscape of life sapping 'downer' pharmacuticles, drugs best described by bill burroughs as 'FOR SQUARES', a condemnation from on high with no course for disagreement...a disk for cats out of hock and on the block, for hustlers who know the deal and for dreamers of a better today, a disk for all right thinking cats and all who need to learn how to get from under uncles sams mind lockdown and THINK ABOUT IT, a disk to set oneself free and hit a groove from the corridors of the ever lasting hope...

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