lou reed

...with this LP lou entered the rarefied air of the early seventies bootleg frenzy where everyone who was anyone in the rock'n'roll game had a bootleg disk on the market, the underground head shop could supply the waxiness of illicit temptation or they didn't stay in the retail business too long, a mark of a head shops standing in the community to some degree once rested on whether it could get the latest bootleg sensation for the heads that needed them...lou was hot between 72/4 with his glitter and drugs flamboyancy, this was the period when he not only sung velvet tunes like heroin/waiting for the man/sister ray, he actually became a velvet underground song, parading his carefree gutter poet persona for all who cared to indulge in lou watching and summer 74 was when lou hit the HEAVY WEIRDNESS button for the last time, all the craziness that lou had observed and to some degree taken part in for the last decade came flooding out in an unstoppable torrent of bad tempered indifference to his audience and to himself, he seems to be waiting for the whole shenanigans to be over, the 'pop star' idea that lou had at the turn of the decade with him coming to london and being treated with a certain envious respect by musos and junkie wasters alike, then getting in the hit parade with something akin to cinema verity novelty crooning it all looked promising for the future, but the drugs and loitering fun around the globe took their toll as lou's patience with reporters shrunk to an unreasonably small quota thereby negating any true popstar standing with the main audience for pop-record-hit parade fodder, young teenage girls, if the chix aint digging it then its over for popism dreams...sometimes this anti audience stance and bad attitude can produce interesting excursions into the dark basements of LOUVILLE, where the creeps and ghouls populate the inner mind and the results are interesting moments leading to that heavy monster drone 'metal machine music', moments where lou just stretches out songs to a coma inducing agony and then sometimes he delivers a totally right on record/show in now classic early seventies drugged/whiskey swilling rock'n'roll (with reggae beat to show lou was still HEP when the day demanded such practice)...with this wax we see lou in australia, sydney on the 24th august 1974 getting to grips with a fine fine ripsnort of rocking swill, all starting with a moody funk riff (bowie style) with 'waiting...', taking the song back uptown one more time, the whole band are energetically laid back in a nice stoned friendly mood with lou feeling his way with a 'cool' rendition, basically being himself when not on an outrageous pharmaceutical binge, here he's taking the bus uptown, not a cab or train...funky head nodding rock next with 'sally...' going one more time for some good time street level poet pop rocking with super vamping keyboard action...third tune gives us a look at how 'vicious' lou is feeling, and he's cutting a fine rendition of rocking aptitude with again the band supporting and helping in a very empathic way, the stance is perfect for lous mindset this evening...'lady day' starts in heavy fashion with the metaphorical screws being tightened, lou is getting a resigned moody vibe going with semi trance invocations and some super nice acid rock string bending happening at the end...side two kicks off with a very interesting space-rock (with synth noodling) outing on 'heroin', a true 70's masterpiece of stoned basement prog rock marathon indulgence, just right for the bonghit rush (or skag, no intolerance of drugs must ever be permitted in the combined mind bohemia of NOWSville)...'...wildside' starts with a mutant bossa nova groove, only it's accompanied by the audience clapping in some really retarded manner, completely out of time with everyone and everything, then lou gets command of the tune and candy and holly live once more in amphetamine glory...'white light...' has really got to be heard by all velvet enthusiasts as so for cats in general, a mind-blast of blitzed chemical splat riding the rails to hell, a cranium cutting rush of 'switchblade intensity', white light, white heat and white powder take full control for this 'jet-packed to the max' heavy metal screech...a great record of a great gig, lou was teetering on the brink of artistic madness while thrusting out some tried and tested street corner rock'n'roll for all to enjoy...

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