simla beat 70 / 71

...back in the day long long ago when the world was young cigarette companies were allowed above ground to peddle their wares and one way was sponsorship of popular culture...what these wax purport to be is the winners of a pop beat combo contest held in india in '70/1 bank rolled by the simla snout company...LP 70 contains 6 combos who offer up 10 tracks of off kilter garage covers mainly a bit outer time, like 4 years late but that makes it even better...psych heads may need to check tracks 3 and 8 for some great blues damaged punk-out psychedelic ballroom screech...gets better when spun a few times...excellent comp from off the usual roads...LP 71 gives up the goods with more crazy cats blowing up a storm of psych garage, twangy surf beat, sludge blues slop plus another blast of psychout ballroom acid-mangulation...all the facets of cool 60s madness delivered five years late, very nice and suitable for all cats who need to check their guru and sit with the swami...

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