...three LPs of heavy, heavy psychedelic skronk (and the third was a double wax blowout, nice) from the dawn of the nineties when most had long given up on the mind bubble noise, of course there were pockets of resistance still holding out and holding on to the ideas of acid laced tomfoolery (bevis frond comes to mind immediately) but on the whole the new drug racket was coming from the dance floor in the form of techno beats and ecstasy squeaks...acid damaged grunge crawling through the chaos of an out of control / homogenised society, looking for salvation under the umbrella of all out psychic pandemonium, a thousand upon thousand droplets of noxious gloop pouring in thunderously to fill up the listeners noggin with a swamp gas of positive endurance, this racket will keep all right thinking cats safe from the mind control TEEVEE / computer 'information' that is so strenuous in its all pervasive journey to kill the human spirit...a cat can wrap up warm in the feedback drenched gunk that calls itself vermonster and enjoy the stoned bliss that will surely follow, the trip will be a good one (no voyage 34 with this grab bag of hotcha splat), the trip will come with melting walls and liquid ceilings, the room will be the rebirth centre of new existence...mind disturbing pummel for the free thinker, an unglueing of uptight sensibilities will occur for any and all who can dig the scene, who can dig the 'gone world' with all its many and varied splendors, these discs are the expressway to the other end of the darkness, where it all goes in and does not have to come out, the wobbly planet of unlimited dreams is for living on a refuge for all who can desire it...references to and allusions pertaining the barrett style of floydian screech crop up when the right connection is made between the air molecules and inner lobe of unbridled consciousness, also the thwack attack of early alice cooper is sometimes present, when the coops were a more forward thinking avant rock outfit, when they themselves worshiped at the gates of dawn (after an amphetamine freak out with the twin guitar bursts from the yardbirds)...all in all these LPs are some of the best transmutation between the physical NOW and the eternal thunder of disorder that brings calm after the storm, the parturition of beauty for the new day...

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