terry reid

...cats prone to digging a bit of history might be interested in a few facts...like first off terry was offered the job of fronting jimmy pages new yardbirds but turned the offer down as he wanted to get his own combo off the ground...he did suggest an old mucker by the name of bobby plant who decided, after no moments hesitation to give the job a whirl...terry then was tipped by the teeny mags to be the face of '68 but got beat out by pete frampton at the last minute...all this makes no never mind as these discs are total blasters of power trio epic proportions... great blue eyed R'n'B shouting, nice guitar and some terrific organ swells which are well funky, make no mistake, jake...they hold up extremely well in this day and age and make some of the then competition look a bit lost and muddleheaded...chronological heads may wish to know the last two tracks on each disk represent singles and maybe should be played first to dig the times in which they originally appeared...younger cats who dig the late six oh racket but ain't hep to these will not be disappointed when they're spinning...top grist...

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  1. Wow, it looks like there's a lot of posting about Terry going on here... which is a good thing indeed.