oxford circle

...these cats show right from the start that they'd been checking the english scene with nods to 'yardbirds' and 'them' especially...good solid r'n'b with some hot-hot guitar...unfortunately they started gigging with this noise just when the frisco scene was getting all acid minded and bending all out of shape with distortio buzzing the senses of all comers...if they'd stayed in the city as opposed to living some miles north they'd probably been able to adapt to the changing times as they certainly knew how to put on a frantic screech and that would have translated, like big brothers noise, into wall melting electric vibrations...the good clear sound puts the listener right there grooving down the front with the wasted beatnix...easily on a par with the early QMS/bb&hc in the string bending and the drums pound with the cymbals ringing and spinning...the last four tracks are the two singles they managed to put out to a disinterested public showing they could bolt r'n'b to avant slop to goodly effect...dig this hot combo from the beginning of the 'frisco scene who dreamed of playing the crawdaddy in old london towne...

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