murray roman

...a couple of counter cultural comedy joints from murray, a sort of psychedelic lenny bruce (thats how he's been hyped in the last decade and it's okay, sums up the groove for quickie purposes) for the NOW generation...murray had appeared on the idiot box a few times in such hep shows as 'smothers brothers' / 'monkees' / 'batman', plus he was a boss DJ on los angeles KRLA until it was time to split...murray lays a cool trip down on the state of amerikkka, telling it like it is for all to hear, and naturally not to many were interested, it's all too real for the squares to dig and he's maybe too old for the hippy college kids so what's he to do, he does the best he could...interspersed with music cut ups and kaleidoscopic echo make these disks a totally right on listen and they don't wear out their welcome, these wax can be heard over and over, unlike most comedy albums which no matter how funny, the joke is over when heard for the umpteenth up the bong and dig the groove according to murray, this is the roman way of thinking...


  1. An intriguing post indeed as so often with you, dear SS3 !
    With my continued thanks and appreciation

  2. good to see someone enjoying murrays view of the times he lived in...