anton lavey

...after making a name for himself during the '50s/'60s with the social elite in san francisco and assisting the fuzz solve the crimes they couldn't (do the fuzz do any work apart from guarding the empire against it's great unwashed) it was time to get into the record business and this was the perfect way to attract some sales...side one is part of a mass performed at the church of satan (aka antons pad) and side two was anton reading from his then unpublished satanic bible over some classical records...of course the magic makes it work on many levels, the faithful will dig it as it comes from the source, the churchs inner sanctum and the roobs will be suckered in by exploitation, the pod people hoping to be shocked and outraged...carny hucksterism or the word from a high priest of the underworld, all cats can take the choice and make it work...

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