pretty things

...with all the altercations the things had with the forces of 'law and order' there was plenty of bread to give up in the courts of 'justice' to pay for their misdemeanors , more bread than they had readily to hand so there was some different courses of action to be taken...drug dealing would not really pay the dividends needed and armed robbery takes a lot of effort that may have been beyond their capabilities so those avenues of endeavour were basically closed up tight...there was the unthinkable that could be taken up; make some library music for the squares to use in films/radio plays etc, so the 'electric banana' came into existence to cater for this 'sell out'...psychedelia for the establishment, not for the 'rabid' foaming degenerate hippies that cluttered up their gigs...exploitational certainly, groovy indeed...these discs comprise the tracks they laid down in the years 1967/9 for the dewolfe imprint who specialised in that twilight world of 'ready made soundtracks' for use by anyone who wanted them as background music, atmospherics for artistic concerns...each LP was given over to one side songs with vocals, the other side the instrumental of the corresponding song, so there was a choice to be had by the prospective client who desired some 'youth' action for their soundtrack ...starting in the flower power year the first banana joint was some nice horn driven pop that could easily have reached the lower end of the pop charts had the tunes been given some radio exposure as they are quietly attractive after a few hearings...the second album was really cool, consisting of dark psychedelia with snakey guitar winding its way around the tuneage...this LP was more like dropping a trip and hanging around piccadilly circus grooving on the neon and laughing at the constabulary who knew something was happening but could not quite figure out exactly what it might be...the last LP from '69 is an amalgam of pop and rocking psych which is a fine ending to three 'secret' records (it was a decade after the fact that these joints got any recognition at all and then most ignored them, citing they were old fashioned and woefully outdated)...any and all heads who dig s.f sorrow will want to grab an earful while lighting up some good afghany black and arrive without travelling...

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