seventh sons

...this wax originally came out to less than light applause on the ESP-Disk label so it's indubitably of use to the serious layabout and hep groover to enable a cat to get a better perspective on the goings on in the outer world of straight citizenry...ESP style swill, if listened to in the right circumstances, will keep a right thinking cat going down the right corridors and pathways of the second layer galaxy that exists next to the cuboid dimension but keep the two from colliding...nothing worse than grooving down the boulevard and 'hix-from da-stix', the ever present skanky pod people messing with the karma and possibly ruin a blissed hazy head, no sir, ESP will save the day and this buzzy linhart/seventh sons joint is no exception...old buzzy was getting plenty hep in the mid '60s with picking up on the drone that was happening in avant garde circles aswell as the influence of the indian sitar mesmerising more than a few beatnix in big's just one long groove called appropriately 'raga' and it's a stone cold solid gone noodle that hangs well when spun in rotation with amon duul on those afternoons when walls melt letting the truth flow...

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