...when chrome slipped out from their psychedelic dungeon in old frisco town back in '76 they came like a bolt from the blue, not too many cats were kicking up this sort of stoned yet very alive stew of bad nutmeg trips back in the mid '70s...this was psych for the next millennium, not retreads from the first era, this was ground zero NEW TRIPPED OUT SCI-FI metal psych, where reality is a paranoid wobbly plane of existance...screachy metallic guitars riff and collide over manipulated tapes and repetitive drums, TEEVEE samples wander into view and disappear under squeaky violin splurt, distorted vocals and cut up voices keep it all rolling along (a lazy comparison would be early pere ubu from cleveland but chrome have more rock and roll attack, not quite as lumbering)...flipped out bug-eyed alien damage is the order of the day on this 3 cd package of goodies from the first and decidedly best period of chromeness, this is not a reissue of the original box set of 6 vinyl disks from around 83, this is a substantial re-jig with tracks taken out and replaced by others and they both start with LP 2 (alien soundtracks, 'visitation', the first is not represented for some reason best known to some one, somewhere)...cats digging the small isolated basement practioners of pharmaceutical freefrom freakout rocking like destroy all monsters first incarnation/michael yonkers band/flow/early red crayola will dig this the most, a brain oozing gush of twilight zone madness invoking surreal visions from beyond the spheres, a hemorrhaging of out of control beatnik slop beaming in from the WEIRD-SIDE...latter incarnations of chrome have not been as satisfying as these early disks (same old story for every combo) and getting lumped in with the industrial genre has devalued their worth no end, but that don't take away from the fact that once they were a mighty force of flipped out (bad) acid rock, one of the all time greats in mind disturbing psych-noise, the midnight demons from the church with no upstairs, a cold clammy critical mass of TV eyes...cats in the know can slip it to the android and dig the pharoah chromium, at least until all data lost, it's that easy, it aint no jive, clyde...

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