judee sill

...any cat giving a peep to the cover could get to thinking this wax came out on elektra and digging the grooves inside can only confirm this thought which ain't so far away because this was the first disk from asylum records who were set up in a laurel canyon vibe where a small group of artists were going be allowed total space and creative assistance to fulfill their potential...well things kind of looked true and good with judee being the first wax out of the gate but it soon became home for coked out cowboys whining about their self importance and who knows what else...folky singer/songwriter moves with a nice coating of artpop for the more cultural cats, and that's about where it started to go wrong because culture weren't big on the agenda in the early 70's with all the bad drugs being peddled by government lackys and the general mindset of hopelessness that had become the normal with many...scored some good reviews in eurolands and judee found a more receptive audience in the oldeworlde where the baroque elements of her work were accepted as one aspect of the sound and not just some snobby cleverness to be inflicted on the roobs...could be seen as a less urban, slightly stripped down laura nyro, who also suffered from hippys not understanding her scene...

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