destroy all monsters

...massive pile up of tapes documenting the work of D.A.M back in the early/mid '70's...back in the days when stadium rock/countryrock/college prog/worn out glitter was suposedly to be what was happening some cats took it on themselves to get a new thing going...all across the planet pockets of resistance were getting down with pure old rocking and didn't matter what sort of racket it was (krautrock riffing /velvets drone /cheap electronics/ staight ahead blasting the decibels out) as long as it was from the heart it was cool...over in the motor city these D.A.M cats were putting down everything that crawled into their noggins, a criss/cross of cheapo culture all splurging out from every hole...rockedup free jazz /exploito flicks /eerie comix /tape manipulation mix up all splatter across the cranium leaving a residue so sticky it will stay around for as long as needed...the blurred messy sound of cheap booze and bad drugs just keeps on coming...layabouts digging the avant slop from older times are going froth and foam with abandoned excitement and pure joy while this snazzed three and one half hours of hotcha aural surgery spins into infinity...uptight cats not digging the freeform madness would probably just foam with up a spliff and sink into the nightmare of unknown possibilties stacked with madness and fun...

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